a sportslinemarking robot

Line marking of sports facilities is a manual, time-consuming and resource intensive task!


Why don't we combine the technique of a existing autonomous lawn mower with the prevoius line marking systems ?

Personal Project, 4th term

Robin Wöhr

16h of field preparations

5+ groundsmen, track managers and volunteers

25 gallons of paint



Mark is...






Big wheels with profile tires for better traction and weight distribution on pitches

Quick and easy changeable colour cartridges for any individual need and weather condition.

sensors for:

- collision

- weather

- distance

Managed by using an app that enables the user to easily manage all relevant parts of the sports line marking process.

Integrated spray-paint module with replaceable nozzle. Adjustable line width and automatic spray discs for accurate, sharp lines.


It’s common that schools, as well as clubs and municipalities, uses the available pitches for more than one sport, hence changing between soccer, rugby, American football etc. Moreover, rainy conditions let the grass growing fastly on the pitch. This often means doing initial line marking twice or more a week. Combining this with the need for shifting pitches and additional initial markings, as a result of wear and tear, line marking ends up being an extremely time consuming and expensive task that’s in dire need of a new, refreshing and cost-effective solution.


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