opticial illusion lamp

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ...


Robin Wöhr

3rd term project

Real or fake?

Today we live in such a fast society which is used to get triggered with information all day long. But not every information we get is real. It's getting harder to detect the fake news. Many people love to hide behind fake identities in the internet, to simulate al life they never live.

I decided to focus this experimental project on the perception of humans, to demonstrate that

illusion is a part of our own body. 


The idea of a change of perception by an illusion emerged. Specifically through an optical illusion.

mood board

form process

The main principle

In my project this is achieved by the combination of a specific rotation frequency and light frequency.

A rotating Figure, mathematically based on the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio, is illuminated with a stropelight. This produces the effect that the body would change its size during the rotation.

3D printed

Key factors for my object are the materiality, lights in motion and the 


The crystal clear and transparent material generates the perfect condition

for the stroboscopic light.

The rotation and light frequency were controlled by two different motorshields.

prototyping and modelling

Arduino Code

int ledpin = 13;   // LEd wird an PIN 13 festgelegt

const int val = 1000/48;    // konstante Frequenz einstellen


void setup() // hier werden voreinstellungen getroffen

pinMode(ledpin, OUTPUT); // PIN 13 wird als OUTPUT festgelegt


void loop() // Dauerschleife, die durchgehend durchlaufen wird


 digitalWrite(ledpin, LOW);  // PIN 13 wird eingeschalten

 delay(val);                    // wartet gewisse Zeit lang 

 digitalWrite(ledpin, HIGH);   // PIN 13 wird ausgeschalten

 delay(val);        // wartet gewisse Zeit lang



Rotation + Light = Illusion

550 rpm

48 hz

How it works?

The rotating figure which is illuminated with a strobe light, produces the effect that the body will change it's optical size during the rotation. 

Especially for my project, the rotational body and light source are one and the same.

This means that the stroboscope is generated inside the rotary body.

final product


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