2nd term project

Robin Wöhr


A self-cleaning kitchen? Wouldn`t that be great?

Imagine you are a student and you are living in a shared apartment with a very small kitchen.

There is only little space for kitchen-work and it has to look great at any time for everybody.

But nobody wants to do the dishes and the little space is getting much more smaler.

To solve this problem you need a flexible and integrated kitchen which can be cleaned quick and simple.


The concept of ARCUA which is based on the idea of „Form follows Function“, exactly meets those

conditions. The kitchen appliances are stowed away quickly and leave a tidy working area.

All surfaces are provided with a laser-irradiated and thus extremely water-repellent surface. The improved

microstructure of the surface makes it possible to wash away the dirt and concentrate all waterdrops

in the drain. This clean and residue-free kitchen allows the user to facilitate the daily grind.

Step 1

The watertap appears by touching the trapezoid front surface.

It rises in a rotating movement arround the basin.

An additional light switches on.

Step 2

The cutting and working board can be extended from the kitchen island.

In the middle of the plate is a grid which is permeable to water. 

The grid can be washed in the dishes.

Step 3









The metall surfaces were irradiated with a laser and are

extremely hydrophobic. The improved microstructure

makes it possible to wash away the dirt.

With an angle of 5 degree it is possible to concentrate all waterdrops in the drain.

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